The company Newever Trade Wings Limited formerly known as Newever Infrahomes Pvt. Ltd. was Incorporated under the provisions of the Company Act, 1956 under Registrar of Companies, Kolkata 27.04.2012 carrying on business of builders & developers.


In the year 2012, the company witnessed change in management and control as a result of acquisition of the company by the present promoters.


With such acquisition, the main object/business activity of the company was further altered to trading of Iron & Steel and other commodities by the present promoters w.e.f.23 November 2012 with an intention to expand the operation base of the company and to pump in efficiency and productivity into it.


The name of the company has been changed /altered from New Ever Infrahomes Pvt. Ltd. To New Ever Trade Wings Limited by the present promoters with an intention to create a brand identity and image in the Iron & Steel industries. The company received fresh certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, Kolkata to the effect.


Currently, the company is engaged in the business of Trading & Iron & steel and other commodities. The Company is in continuous pursuit and search of business opportunities, which are expected to materialize shortly.

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